Why you should choose coworking in 2020

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The coworking community is one of the most rewarding and successful communities in the world. Not just for its business model but it is successful because of the members. Members who go the coworking route even in 2020 have a better chance at success.

“Our research — which is ongoing — suggests that the combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience are part of the reason people who cowork demonstrate higher levels of thriving than their office-based counterparts.”

Harvard Business Review

So what exactly is so special about coworking anyway, and why now, during this pandemic, should we focus on coworking at all?


Reality is… we all love our homes but it’s a lot to ask someone to live, work and have peace in one place for 24/7. We need separate spaces for separate parts of our lives. I’ll admit, I do enjoy working from home but there’s something about gettin up, getting dressed and getting to work in a different space that changes my productivity. We are more productive when we can find ways to focus. Your mindset and disposition are extremely important when it comes to focus.

We spend our sleeping hours and our playing hours in our homes. Working from there also is super demanding. Our minds are accustomed to routine. Getting up and out puts your mind into a position of focus because routinely, it knows what’s next. It’s used to working after certain things happen in the morning. It’s amazing how the mind works but it’s also amazing how we don’t listen to it.

Coworking, especially at a boutique cowork space like ours www.cowork.chainteriors.com is the perfect compromise between comfort and productivity. It has the bonus of being away from home, professional, with amenities, networking and collaboration are available but also has all the comforts of home as well. We serve breakfast items, coffee and snacks that are all included with membership and so you have productivity and comfort at your disposal.


People are not meant to be alone. We are created for connection and by staying home for extended periods of time with our laptops in hand, we only drift further away from those connections. It’s fun to have convos by the water cooler. It’s something special to having those long meetings but laughing afterwards. It’s something special about hanging around people that are like minded and are driven in the same ways you are.

Coworking allows us the opportunity to decide who we work with. How often do you get to grab your best friend and head to work? In Coworking, you can! Although in separate industries, you still have the ability to work side by side with the ones you enjoy being around the most. We love when our members bring their friends along to join and then they become members too.

Not only can you create your own ideal coworkers to work alongside you, but you can meet new creatives that share similar interests. Building new relationships are what coworking is all about.


We are all aware of the circumstances and threats to our health with this incredibly dangerous virus going around but as schools are opening back up, so must our workspaces. We have to take new precautions. We have to take new safety measures. We have to demand a clean environment and we will do our very best to make everything clean and safe. Eliminating the foot traffic in the space is the best way we can aid in helping our members.

Being a boutique coworking space is now more vital than ever. Instead of commingling with thousands of people in a day, you’re reduced down to tens of people to cross paths with. That minimized footprint can help tremendously when it comes to flattening the curve of Corona.


This year has been so eventful and unprecedented to say the least but it will not stop our will to thrive. We have 6 more months left in the year to make magic happen and we will do our best to make sure our space is up to par. The luxury of home, the amenities and the community that our coworking studio provides will make your and my return back to work a seamless process. I look forward to serving you all and I’ll see you soon, in the studio.

We can do this!


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  1. This was such a great read. Exactly what I needed!

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