Design isn’t all Creativity. There’s More…

Interior Design is a profession that is in demand. When the economy is doing well, the housing market does well and when the housing market does well, you guessed it, the interior design industry does well. People genuinely want their homes to be a joy when they walk into them. That is where I come in. My job isn’t all about the pretty and I don’t achieve all looks on pure creativity. Planning, resourcing and availability, coupled with creativity gets the job done.

I seem to have the gift to be able to walk into a room that is completely empty or not designed well and I can envision the space entirely redone and dressed. I see what I want the space to be after only a few minutes of walking through. Not everyone has that capability. I’m honored to share that gift and that’s why I’m in the business I’m in. However, seeing how I want the space to be doesn’t always end up what the final result looks like. The clients wants come first, and then the planning process begins. Planning out what can be achieved in the space involves measuring, photographing, and then understanding what the client’s wishes and oppositions are. 

Once that has kicked off, we begin to research and see what is available in the look and feel of what the client wants. When we see all that is available in the price range and in the aesthetic the client wants to achieve, THEN we begin the creative process.

It may seem like a lot and that it may take a long time but the reality is, most designers have the know how and are constantly researching items and aesthetics to be able to speak to what’s available and to be knowledgeable on price points. I know I do. 

In the down times when I don’t have clients, I’m on the internet researching whats happening around me and what’s available. I’m window shopping in stores and building relationships with vendors so that when the time comes where I need that one thing that you love and need the most, I know right where to go and how much it should cost. 

There are many moving parts to good design but in general, creativity is a small piece in the grand scheme of things. It is a main piece but certainly not the only piece. The last thing I know that’s needed in interior design is the ability to have fun. Since this is a flexible and creative career, you have to make time to make it fun. It’s fun to shop and it’s really fun to design. I laugh constantly and love the fact that I meet so many amazing, hard working and ambitious people. Everyone has their own talents and many of my clients can’t do design but are most certainly awesome at something else. The fun part is learning how different we are but how we all can relate and come together to achieve a common goal. Success in that goal is what keeps me going.

Design is creative but that’s not all. Find a designer that plans well, resources, is knowledgeable and has fun. To me, that’s the best way to pursue your passion and never actually “work” a day in your life. I’m doing what I love and my clients know it!

Any questions or suggestions, comment below, join the Facebook group or email us! I’m here to help. Best of Luck!

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