Plans for New Cowork Space in Roswell, Georgia

The Beginning

My dream of having a design studio was realized back in 2015 when we got this 2000 sf storage unit! Like so many other dreams I have, they all start with the glitz and glamour of seeing the end but looking at the bare bones and concrete had everyone around me looking at me crazy.

That was the mile marker I needed to push forward. I saw what this place could be for my clients and I saw the office space I needed to work and work in peace. When we got rolling in the design studio I was so excited to bring clients in. And they were exited to come. So, when we decided to back up with having one one one clients in the business, it was a little disheartening but a necessary step.

Now that the business has changed it’s dynamic and now that I have two other businesses that are housed here, I wanted to free myself up from looking at the very empty spaces every day.

Next Steps…

From there, the ideas to create a well designed, luxury and affordable place for others to work every day became the mission. My little design studio would turn into a coworkers space for entrepreneurs like me, executives who work from home, creatives who just need space and others who need a community they can rely on.

I’m not building another business, I’m surely building a community that I need and that others around me need too. We aren’t here for the short term. We’re here for the long haul and can’t wait to see what people do with the space and time and community that CHAI will afford them.

From The Outside

This may be just a workplace from the outside, but once you step in here, I know you’ll see and feel that same thing I do every single day. Those are, feelings of inspiration, motivation, belonging, worry-free, pride and drive. I feel that my office is really a home office away from home because I feel so at home working in here. It’s not just a studio space, it really is a home.

Although the pandemic hit many coworking spaces hard, I know that this added and extra time at home is driving people crazy. It already sounds crazy enough opening something for people to gather in the midst of a time where people should be trying to be apart. As humans, we just aren’t wired that way and as believers we just can’t let the vision God has given us, fall by the wayside because of what we currently see today. We have learned to pickup in faith where sight has fallen. And so, with extra precautions, and with extra care, with limited foot traffic and with lots of sanitation, we are still opening. Not just a new business but again, a much needed community.

The Area

Roswell is such a beautiful place. Knowing that hundreds of years ago, slaves walked these grounds and my ancestors bled and died in and around places I now call my own, is a blessing realized and answered prayers. It’s a symbol of the goodness of God and the favor He had on those who seemingly were forgotten. I haven’t forgotten and I haven’t lost sight of them and their dreams.

I am in a position that my ancestors prayed for and I don’t take that lightly. I take it on with much responsibility and pride. And, so it’s with this responsibility and pride that I wish to share a space that I love so much with an entrepreneurial community who needs visibility and be love as well. We are together. Entrepreneurs, believers, lovers, creatives and executives. Existing, working and communing with the goal of being seen and successful because; “I am the dream and the hope of the slave…”

What’s Left To Do

I have quite a few dreams for the space myself. I still want to get a new window package, new front and back doors, new paint, new furniture, lighting and decor! We have a little over a month now to finish so be sure to follow us on IG to keep up with updates! We’re opening and can’t wait to share the reveal…

What We’ll Have

This workplace will have a home atmosphere and a disciplined vibe, so that when you get here, you’ll be ready to work and to finish. We want those who are on a mission and need the space to get it done, safely. With mandatory, midday cleanings, temperature checks at the door, mask requirements while walking about the space, dedicated desks, a shared work table, bistro tables, conference room, podcast booth and more… we are ready for you!

To your continued success,


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