Mediocre Rooms Are So 90s and I’m Over It

Don’t get offended by the title. I’m the biggest 90s fan there is. From 90s r&b, pop and even some of the hair styles, to the celebrities and tv shows that dominated the culture, I’m a huge fan and miss it dearly. However, homes from the 90s and especially interiors from that time, just have to go. It’s time everyone. It’s time to update. I’ve given you official permission to redo the bathroom with the floral wallpaper (with new florals that are coming in everyday), change out that flooring that still has the honey undertones and give away the furniture that lacks in functionality at this point because it’s so small or so tired. It’s just time. 

We sometimes grow so accustomed to comfortability that we often lose focus of our ever changing world. When the world changes, we must change with it and stay on trend. Doing this also shifts our focus to become present in the time and life we are in right now and also shifts our peacefulness from the past, to the present. Let me tell you, there is nothing like present peace. It allows you to remember and cherish the past but gives you the willpower to accept, embrace and dominate the present. We are game changers and move makers. Doing small updates to your home give you the feeling of success, relevance and even a sense of youngness that we all long for. 

When we update anything from lighting to wall color, we place ourselves in the current time. Don’t be afraid to grab that new paint color, take a weekend and change up the feel of a space for a small time commitment and maybe a couple hundred dollars. Changing the lighting in that same room also makes a big impact. Where light reflects currently is a sight you’re used to. But, changing a fixture and breathing new light into a space, also breathes new life into a space.

Aside from paint and lighting, furniture can give you a completely new look. Depending on which space you want to update, go with the smaller furniture pieces first and refresh what you have to keep costs down. For example, if it’s a dining room you are updating, once the lighting and the paint is changed, maybe try to grab new chairs and a new sideboard for the space and new china for the table you already have. For a living room, leaving the sofa you have is okay (even though a 30 year old sofa needs to go soon) but changing the pillows, the rug and the lamps in the space will make a big difference.

Let’s use this time during spring cleaning season to also update your space. Paint and lighting first for the biggest impact and then the smaller pieces of furniture next to finish out the look. If you are ready to get started and don’t know how or need that beginning push, we offer design concepts, e-design and color concepts to get you started and get you to the finish line! As always, leave a comment below, join our Facebook group or email us with any inquiries! Best of luck!

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