Three Reasons You Need an Interior Designer

Interior design is a luxury many people think they cannot afford. However, wedding photography is a booming industry, the high end fashion industry has no sign of decline and the restaurant industry is ever growing. So, why the misconception of not needing an interior designer? I think there are several reasons people convince themselves that interior design is just something they can’t afford right now. They think by not bringing someone in to do what they can do themselves, they are saving money and time. When in all actuality you are wasting your time and money. They believe that having peace in their home can’t be achieved by bringing in a stranger. And, when they spend a large sum of money, it needs to be on something functional. Those are all things that the right interior designer is hired to do. You need an interior designer and here’s why:

  • You need me
  • You want your house to look like where you’re going, not where you’ve been
  • You can afford it

I have spent years studying, creating and dedicating countless hours to the practice of interior design, plus I just have the gift of vision when it comes to visualizing a finished product. I’m 90% sure, you don’t care too much about interior design. You just want your place to be like a magazine. I get that. Otherwise, you’d be a crazy design entrepreneur like me. But the point is, I have a skill that I have worked on and crafted and prepared for, just for you. I have been waiting for you. Waiting for a chance to show you how much I love design and how great I know I am at doing it. You need me to give you those things so that your home can be all your own and the hassle is left all on my shoulders. The reflection your home gives off to family and friends is what you’ve been waiting for. 

I know you want your house to look like where you’re headed and not where you’ve been. Face it. If we all looked like our pasts, we would all be a mess. That’s what your house will look like if you decide to go it alone when your true focus is to give the impression of success. And honestly, you deserve that. You’ve worked hard to get to this point, to buy your home, to get that dream job or to build a career path that is unstoppable. So, why does your house look like you’re still in college or still moving in? Because you didn’t hire a designer. You bought what you thought would be a culmination of nice things and now it’s a hodge podge and doesn’t make sense all in one space. I’ve seen that all too often. A homeowner gets a new place, grabs that great job and then heads to Rooms to Go or something else ready made and they feel like they were cheated. Well, Rooms to Go doesn’t know you. I know you. I see where you’re headed and how that needs to be reflected in your home. I see the interest you have and the career you’ve crafted. I even see how hard you’ve worked to get the home you’re in. A big box store can’t see that. They have internal designers picking things for the mass. Are you the mass? I’m certainly not. I’m not a microwave kind of girl and my clients aren’t either. Get something that’s meaningful to you, that will make you proud to come home to and delighted to show off. Get something that’s totally yours and uniquely crafted for you. 

You can afford it. You’ve bought a home, you have a steady job, you have clothes on your back and love to eat out. I know it. And, I do too. Since I know where you’re going, trust that I know where you’ve been. I know it’s in the back of your mind that you’ve bought a nice size house and you have college or townhome furniture to fill it. Well, I know you have a budget to purchase furniture to fill the home. And even if not all at once, you bought that home to furnish it and live happily in it. If you have all of these things, then you can afford a designer. If you can afford to purchase good quality furniture then you can afford to pay a designer who can pass along their trade discounts to you. Designers have access to furniture and companies that you never knew existed and depending on what your budget is, you have access to really craft something completely custom. Rooms to Go just doesn’t. I work with all kinds of budgets so don’t ever be afraid to ask what can be done within what you have to spend. If it’s not feasible for me, I’ll tell you that upfront and present alternate options but for the majority, you can afford what I have to offer and achieve the ideal space. 

Are you still with me? If you have more questions, join our Facebook group and ask away, or email us directly. You can always leave a comment or DM us on social media. We’re here for you and we’re ready for you! Best of luck!

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