Makeover like a Millennial

The goal of every makeover is to completely change what is existing, into something brand new. We posted an industry article this week about millennials moving design forward. For interior designers, the same things apply. For each makeover I do, I look first to see the colors that are opposite of what’s currently there, to see if that works. If it does, I hang around in that color scheme to pull my rooms new wall colors together. If it’s a dated tan, how cool would a black wall look? If it’s a 90s burnt orange, how nice would a cool blue look? Those are the questions we should be asking when looking to update any space. How can I get it to look completely opposite of what I hate right now?

Colors can be tricky especially when we don’t really know what we like or don’t like. However, when choosing the perfect color for a makeover, decide first what common theme is inside all those pretty inspiration pictures. Oh yeah, you do have an inspiration board right? I wrote about colors on the last blog so if you need some focus on colors, head over and read up on my thoughts on perfecting color choices.

Inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. Everyone I know simply loves Pinterest so I actually give my homeowners homework on there. We share a board to start their project and share ideas so that we are all on the same page. I pull inspiration from what inspires them! This way, even the smallest thing like a color, can be pulled and remind the homeowner of what was on their inspiration.

The finishing touches can be the best part for some but for most clients, that’s the part where the details start to fuze together. They get stuck on everything fitting in one color scheme or this won’t look good with that chair. Honestly, sometimes we’ve got to edit ourselves. Pull ourselves back from what we think is finished and then take one or two things away. The easiest way to finish a space is with accessories. The big things are first to purchase but then what pulls it all together is when everything just flows. Get that look when you abide by what the walls are doing, paying attention to how it looks when it’s well lit. And, paying attention to what the main accents are doing. Every important piece deserves to have its own separate moment. The biggest moment is how it looks overall. But, when finishing, concentrate on one moment at a time. What looks good on the coffee table, on top of this rug, against this color wall? What about the pillow on the sofa and wall art above it? It’s these small questions that get designers from maybe I’m finished to it’s perfect!

Hope I’ve helped a little! If you have any questions please feel free to comment or to email me and as always, you can hire CHAI to confidently achieve any look you’re aiming for. Good luck!

*Pictures sourced from: Blackband Design, Curbly, Amazing House Design & Home Stories A to Z

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