Feeling Small but Living Large

     With minimalism on the rise, small space living seems to only be successful for those who are willing to go without. Minimalism has great practices and philosophies but it doesn’t always work for everyone. Even though a space is small you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style or beauty! This month is dedicated to small spaces and how to bring a little bit of luxury into a smaller space.

There are countless amounts of articles and lists on Pinterest that will tell you that they have solved the constrictions presented by smaller spaces. As nice as that would be, each space is different and what works to maximize one room could make another room look awkward. It’s a process, and while I can’t say I’ve figured it all out, CHAI has curated some of our own tips to help maximize a space.


  • Add mirrors to enlarge a space!

Looking at the same wall decor everyday can get old and can even make anyone in the room feel trapped. The addition of even one mirror can make a room feel ten times more open. Placing a mirror in a space gives an entirely new perspective that the room is twice as big as it once was.

  • Add texture!

Designers everywhere claim texture to be a holy grail item in a space. Not only can texture be beautiful but it is inviting as well. They’re a great way to give each space personality. A great textured piece doesn’t need to be gaudy and large either, it could simply be a fuzzy pillow or a blanket.

  • Use what you have!

Smaller spaces are tricky in that the addition of a new item has the potential to make a room look cluttered. Instead of buying a new piece of furniture or a new wall decoration use an item that is already there. As an avid reader I like to use books as a focal point for any room. Not only will a favorite book look great on a shelf, but it will personalize the space. And even if there is no room left on the shelf, flipping a book on its side will make a great accessory on a nightstand!

  • Declutter!

Most homes have their own degree of junk. We let some things slide by without being done so much so that it gets to a point of no return. Well the return is your space begins to feel cramped. So, loosen the visual weight of the space by eliminating the items that you won’t use on a 6 month basis. The extra mail, old picture frames and other knick-knacks that have no actual use or place, toss them!

When planning a smaller space try keeping these tips in mind. Using these tips with the vision you have for a current or future space can work wonders on any room. They’re not foolproof by any means, but if done well, it can make a small space look massive!

     Good Luck!

*Pictures sourced from BHG and Nordic Design*

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