Perfect Bedroom Colors for Every Aesthetic

Picking out colors for entire walls can be daunting for some. For me, it’s the first step to finishing the space which is the most exciting part. The color sets the tone and depending on the message you want to send or the mood you want to set, your color could either fail you or help you achieve peace. After all, what else do we want in our bedrooms other than peace? Serenity, ease, calm… all adjectives of peace. We want our spaces to be our sanctuaries.

Getting to that point means starting with the biggest and largest area to be covered, the walls. The walls make the biggest impact simply because they cover the largest visual space and cover the largest square feet of space as well. To remind us of clean and simple we think of shades of whites like fresh hotel towels and sheets. Fluffy, comfy and luxurious are what come to mind when I think of those things. But their commonality is that they are mostly white. To find a relaxing, soothing and refreshing space, some of us may think of blues and greens. Blues and greens can be found mainly outdoors so it’s those colors that bring us ease. When thinking of an airy and crisp master bedroom, we think of light colors that bring a pleasing taste to the mouth. Those colors have lighter hues to them, more pastel or colors that are reminiscent of sweets and certain foods.

So, when asked how do you achieve the perfect bedroom color, I always say, what mood are you trying to set? That determines where I go from there. More dramatic spaces call for dramatic or overly taste specific colors. Below are a few of my favorite colors from Sherwin Williams for whatever mood you’re trying to set!

Dramatic: SW 6258- Tricorn Black

Soothing: SW 9136- Lullaby

Clean & Simple: SW 7006- Extra White

Airy: SW 6434- Spinach White

*Pictures sourced from: Fixer Upper, Mobile Bay Magazine, Victoria Hagan Interiors, House Beautiful Magazine*

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