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Oprah Winfrey probably has the most famous favorite things list. Every year people flock to her magazine and online sites to find out who and what has made it to her list this year. Just in time for Christmas, I made my very own version of that list and included a few things that I just can’t live without all year long. The categories make it a little easier to shop with as some of us care nothing for technology and some of us love it all! This is the love it all list! Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

Technology/Organization- When I think of being efficient, I automatically think of ways to smooth out my processes. I have spent thousands of dollars on items over the years and nothing has lasted longer or kept up with the ever changing waves of technology more than Apple. I have tasted the Apple Kool-Aid and now I cannot live without these things. I am super efficient from home to the office and then back to home since I can Airdrop, email and collaborate on projects in more than one space. My computer, laptop, iPad and agenda may seem a bit excessive but when you’re on the go as much as I’m used to, grabbing the first thing available to check in with a schedule is an invaluable tool. I use the desktop iMac at the office, the laptop stays in my work bag and the iPad goes everywhere. Even when I’m around the house, it’s never too far away so I can jot down things and email things within a few seconds. I try very hard to keep my phone (which is an iPhone) clear of work items and sometimes it does spill over but for the most part, these three Apple products are my most used! I love each of these items for all of their functions and when these give out, I’ll certainly repurchase the upgraded versions! (Hopefully it takes 5 years or more!)

Apple iPad Pro 12”

iMac 21”

MacBook Pro/Air 13”

Canon T6 Rebel

Sugar Paper Calendar & Weekly Planner

Decor/Furniture- You could probably guess that this portion of the list could go on forever with me writing it but I have managed to narrow it down to a few staples that I adore and own myself. Grab them when you have the ability to! These are a bit of a splurge!

RH Dining Table

CHAI candles- Relax, Soothe, Island, Awake ($30- Available only at the CHAI design studio but coming soon to the newly launching online CHAI shop! More on the CHAI shop in the next few weeks!)

Ethan Allen Arm Chairs (Custom Upholstered)

Regina Andrew Shelving

Design Legacy Paintings

Fashion- Let me be the first to tell you that a quick outfit that actually fits well and transitions well is all I’m about. I am a wife with two kids and a professional also so I need pieces that hold up well and can be thrown in the wash after a couple of wears but will still hold up with a blazer and heels. (Except for the leather! Don’t wash leather!) The lipstick is a must have for me especially when achieving that coveted five-minute face. I love the Stila lipstick because it truly does stay all day!

BCBG Leather Jacket I have the burgundy color from a few seasons back but any color will  definitely work!

BCBG Leggings

Target Everyday Dresses

Stila Stay All Day Lipstick

Blogs- These ladies have got blogging down pat. Their sites are on here because they’re company’s aesthetic is seamless. I love their looks when it comes to design and their blogs are good reads too!

House of Jade Interiors

Pure Salt Interiors

Linen and Flax

Restaurants- I have several favorite places to eat but these are my absolute go-to’s here in Atlanta when I’m ready for a really nice meal that never misses. Dinners from here are often a splurge so we don’t frequent them as much, but oh when we do… it is much appreciated and consistently a great meal. I have never had bad service or sent food back in the couple of years that my family has been patrons! If you’re ever in Atlanta, don’t leave without experiencing these local eats!

The Oak Steakhouse

Atlantic Seafood Co

Books- Good books are not hard to find but are often overlooked. I love a good book during the down times in the holidays. You know the times… when the kids are asleep, the kitchen is cleaned, the fire hasn’t burned out and the conversations from family has died down a bit. That’s the perfect time to curl up in a comfy chair, pop on your favorite warm socks, grab a coffee or a hot cocoa and crack open your favorite book. These are my all time go-to’s! What are some of the new books you are reading? I love a good mystery!

Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein (Great gifts for children just learning to read!)

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

Bird by Bird  by Anne Lamott

A Day Late and a Dollar Short  by Terry McMillan

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