Christmas in Color

Christmas Blues: Any theme with blue involved will remind you of something wintery. That’s exactly what a blue Christmas color scheme will do. It will set the tone for a true winter wonderland. Yes all white will be wintery but there’s something special that blue has that will make a space look and feel magical. Go with this color scheme if you are ready for the whimsical of times.

Christmas Pinked Out: Everyone knows, the perfect compliment to pink is green! Not just because of my sorority but literally it’s the opposite on the color wheel and compliments it oh so well. This scheme for Christmas brings the fun and young attitude into a timeless tradition. It’s fun to be different so step into the pink and green Christmas if you’re ready for the fun of night and the exciting times with family and lots of friends. This is for the true friend-family company and game nights until 2am.

Green Giant Christmas: A classic but sometimes under used theme for Christmas is really going all green. With this scheme, you can bring back the loveliness of spring and the memory of all the trees who have since lost their leaves. Inside you will create a lush garden feel if you compliment your bulbs and garland with green wrapping paper on the gifts under the tree. Mix and match dark and light tones of green to create a layered and more full look on the tree. This is for the energetic and enthusiastic decorator who loves to wake up early and get the day started. The green will bring not only spring to your theme, but it will also give the sense of joy and happiness.

Traditionally Bold with Red and Gold: I have decided to go back to the traditional tones of Christmas albeit eliminating green all together. Im doing red and gold this year with rustic accents. My dining room table scape is completely golden and the living room with our 12 foot tree, is decorated with white light and all red and gold bulbs. I for sure include our family ornaments that can’t be left off the tree no matter the color. More on the ornaments next week.

No matter what color scheme you go with this year, be sure to think about the tone you want to set and the people you will have over. The activities of the holidays are different for every family so cater to what you love and long live the tradition of togetherness and the remembrance of the season. Be encouraged and Merry Christmas!

*Images Sourced from Pinterest and my dining room

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