5 Ways to Perfect the White Kitchen


For the last few years, the all white kitchen has been coveted by new home buyers. I love the trend as I think it will be around for some time to come. The trend now that’s going around is the brass hardware. I love the look and I’m all for following trends that can be switched out easily when the allure of the trend fades. I have a few of my own ideas that I’m sure will last through many trends! Let me know your thoughts on this but with two kids and a husband who doesn’t cook, I keep my kitchen a kid friendly, curious husband friendly, mommy supervised only space!

  1. White Maple Cabinets: The main ingredient in a good cabinet is what it’s made of. A maple cabinet will stand the test of time. Maple is a product that can be painted, stained, sanded down and repainted again. Bottom line is that it lasts. I enjoy using this product in the new construction I consult on as well as the renovations I’m a part of. To keep the color in the white or white”ish” color scheme, is to have a space that automatically feels open, fresh, airy and welcoming. Must have for the ideal all white kitchen.
  2. Marble or Quartz Countertops. Quartz is my second choice: I usually don’t recommend going with anything porous in any part of the home, however, marble on the counters is my first choice and here is why. Marble is classic and will literally last forever. Think of what Rome was built with. Think about some of the buildings in many downtown areas. They have a marble construction and will outlast many other stones. Quartz is just about the strongest product you can get for your counters. So, if you are the type to bang your pots and pans across the counters and leave messes over night, then this will be the product for you. I have kids and I am particular about my kitchen and I also have marble. I simply love the look and the feel!
  3. Chrome/Sparkled Hardware: In our office in Roswell, we transformed the once storage facility into a functioning “home office away from home.” We have a kitchenette now and the cabinets are white maple with a Quartz counter top. The hardware is sparkly and suites my taste perfectly. I love the bling aspect of it simply because an office can get very hum-drum. This certainly livens the space up immediately. Choose something that speaks to you but go with a little flair that brightens your mood everytime you see it.
  4. White Dishes: Any color palate of plates will create a bit of a distraction from the elegance of a white kitchen. Ever wonder why restaurants typically choose all white plates? Not only are they functional for spotting dirt, they are ideal for popping plates of wonderful food for the eye. The backdrop is plain so the food can stand out. You see your food before you eat it and in a kitchen, the plates although in the background and often an afterthought, are a great way to give the allure of a professional, clean and functional kitchen. White plates set the tone for great dinners to be hosted on them and for the lasting of a kitchen to be easily achieved.
  5. Backsplash with Movement: No one wants their kitchen to seem sterile or reminiscent of all white commercial spaces like hospitals and airports. So, a backsplash is the place to add that certain design style that speaks to who you are. I went with a braided, marble, white and opal backsplash. These combined elements create a timeless space that my guests ask about the first time they see it. I love the texture of it. It looks intricate and so the eye picks up on that and it gives the notion  of being expensive. This particular tile was quite expensive but for the drama and conversation it produces, I’d say it was well worth it. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Minah H says:

    Thank you for this blog. I learned a lot and this was very helpful. Can’t wait to have my own all white kitchen! Headed out to start small with a few white dishes now. Oh the details!

  2. Staci Bogin says:

    I love the white decor trends I have been seeing lately as well. So nice to hear about materials that can hold their own when they are up against little ones. Great tips!!!!

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