3 Ways to Organize your Desk


Whether you have a home office, cubicle, or an office inside a building, these three things will get you the office envy you desire. I look on Pinterest all the time and try to find the best ways people actually use their desks. I am functional whenever I am at my desk but while sitting, I have to really stretch out. I lay my purse down, water bottle, cell phone, keys and anything else I walked in with. I let go of everything so I can begin a new day without anything in my hands. In order for that to happen though, the desk has to straighten back up at the end of each work day. Look at my ideas for a great way to have your desk magazine ready every time you walk in the door.
Lucite Storage: Any storage is good storage but the clear ones found here from The Container Store are a good snatch. I put all the pretty items in the clear storage and the things I need on a steady bases. So, pens, clips, thumbtacks, business cards and even paint samples have made it to my clear storage. There are other ways to make the storage look pretty with spray paint and maybe even contact paper. I went for function just to start so I haven’t ventured into any DIY desk projects. We opened our doors not too long ago and I fixed my desk up for the quick and pretty phase of working.
Large Item! The Desk or the Computer are good Options. For my office, I have both. The desk is an old dining table that I repurposed as my office desk. It seats six so you know it has good space for laying out plans, sketches, samples and swatches. I’m almost positive that any career you’re in, you always need space! For me, the more the better. For your career, think about what the function of your working style is. Do you need to stretch out while you piece things back together? Do you need to keep everything in one spot to refer to immediately? Either one, clear trays and binder clips will help, but a nice large work space will contain all that you can think of in one sitting.


Matching Color Scheme: A mousepad, calendar, and a notepad are good items to keep handy and to keep in one color palate. I went with a soft pink, gold and white for my items and I love the girly feel it gives. Add the colors that speak to you first and then find the subtleties, like the gold and white. Most any retailer will have something you like. Nate Berkus at Target has the cutest desktop organization that I often find myself picking through. Pick a few items here and you’ll achieve the perfect desktop, I’m sure!


  1. Aminah says:

    Love these links and i love the Nate Berkus line at target too. Such great finds 🙂 any design tips on how to stackn or display multiple containers on your desk to reduce the apperance of clutter?

    • Sure! I would stick with only one container that’s clear so it gives the feel of organization and still looks organized! Too many clear things will cheapen the desk! If you need more storage, shoot for something you can tuck under or behind your desk like a small cabinet! Good luck!

  2. Staci Bogin says:

    I really needed this. My desk is often cluttered with charts and paperwork. Love the organization tips.

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