Pumpkins Cracked? Add Ornaments

Have you met Savannah?

My gorgeous angel, almost three year old daughter tried so hard to help mommy. She did her best, holding on tight but the six inch step from the garage to the mudroom brought out the worst of her. She certainly did trip and send that pumpkin crashing forward onto the kitchen tiled floor. There was no saving it. I thought hard how I could piece it back together. After all, there was only one left at the store. I was immediately mad, but the expression on her face trickled a calmness down my back. She eased my frustration and her very low “I’m sorry, mommy” made it all better. Isn’t it funny that the times we are upset we can just look on the faces of the very little ones who look up to us. I know I can never be too mad at her for dropping, breaking, or losing things. Her mother has been known to be a clumsy one too. I guess it’s hereditary. Until the day comes for her to learn gracefulness in a ballet class, it’ll be mommy saying “It’s okay Savannah, just be careful next time.” Her head lifted up again and she spoke just above a whisper, “Fix it, mommy.” But of course I could. I’m mommy. I looked at the pumpkin, looked back at Savannah. We swept up and threw away the tens of pieces that bounced over the tile. We walked into the living room where the pumpkin was to live and it hit me. Jack o Lanterns have things inside… we’ll do that. I sat the pumpkin just so on the coffee table and said “pumpkins cracked, we add an ornament.” I high-fived my angel and snapped a picture! Designer mommy to the rescue!




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