"It is in the moments of calmness and serenity that we find our true beings. Allowing room for peace and beauty and luxury, leaves us the room to tackle the world's devices, strengthened, restored and prepared for anything. It is those spaces that I wish to create. The spaces that you're excited to come home to at night. The space where you feel rejuvenated walking into your workplace. It's the spaces where we spend most of our lives, that deserve the most luxury. Luxury is not just a price point, it is a moment of breathlessness and ease. It is a moment of true happiness that lingers and baits you to return." 

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owner + project manager

Niché Caldwell is an Atlanta based interior designer with a design studio located in Roswell, GA. She has a BA in Theatre from the University of Florida and a MFA in Creative Writing. She interned at ScreenGems Studios in Set Design and later interned for an Atlanta and Tennessee based interior designer before opening her own firm. 

Niché serves as the project manager for CHAI owns the mantra "comfortable luxury." Every room is created with this in mind.

She's a wife and mom of two adorable little ones & two dogs! When she's not momming, she loves writing, reading, doing hot yoga and date nights with the love of her life! She and her husband are entrepreneurs with a total of 5 businesses!

Her favorite holiday is Christmas!


artist + interior designer

Tiffany is an artist with a passion for creating beautiful pieces in various mediums. As a painter and innovative interior designer, Tiffany is able to create ideal spaces through her artistry as well as her skill.
For her clients, she's able to capture the custom feel without the overwhelming price point.

Tiffany earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and a Masters of Art in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. 

She is inspired by Frank Morrison and enjoys trips with her closest friends, baking, cooking for her family and social events where she can meet amazing people. 

Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving!

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