I’m a Different Designer and Here’s Why

Let’s get real for a second. The whole world revolves around the principles of love. So, why do we spend time on things and on people that we don’t love? It’s such a waste of time. For February and in honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to show love. I poured my heart out to a few people who I know would give me the response I needed and it gave me a sense of relief. We had a giveaway for one of our luxurious throws so that one of our fans could cuddle up close to someone they love. I want to surround myself with the things and the people I love, even when I can’t see them. I used their words and a few of mine to come to the realization that no one can make me happy except me! It is only my responsibility to love myself and then be available to others for them to love me also. Will Smith had an instagram story on this and he went more in depth with the idea but the fact is, we spend so much time already on things we’ve convinced ourselves we have to do rather than convincing ourselves, we have to do what we love the most.

So, you ask “what in the world does this have to do with design?” For me it has everything to do with design. I love design and everything related to the concept of design. What I love and what you love have everything to do with what we have around us. We will put things in our homes that bring us joy. It’s my job to find out what exactly makes you happy, find things that you love, and cohesively make them work for one design, for one space. With every design I do, I do it out of love and out of what you love.

Every client that walks through our doors gets a questionnaire. I ask the things that are important for me to know for the project, but I also ask the things that help me see what you love and what is at the top of your priority list. In this way, my process is easier. But, what makes me different?

I’m not the traditional interior designer in that, I do not have a degree in interior design and I don’t have so many letters behind my name either. What I do have is a unique talent to walk into an empty room and visualize it completely finished. I do have two degrees in other areas that helped me hone my skills as an artist and I do have the balancing act of life down to a few go to points. My life isn’t all the way planned to the T but I do have systems in place that I’ve learned to rely on over the years.

I can’t be anyone else and I can’t try to be. My process is my own (more about this later…) and my company is my pride and joy. I use the things that I love and that I know others will love and create something that will last forever. Other designers may love what they do too and they may be professionally trained. I think it’s great to be educated in the field that you love. But, that’s why I spent years researching and becoming a self-taught interior designer. I’ve read over 30 books on interior design alone and every blog known to man. That doesn’t make me a professional per se but my artistry and my talent does. My dedication to the craft of design does. And, my professionalism and seriousness about appeasing my clients does.

I spend hours on honing my process and making my design clients experience by far one of the best experiences they can have. I want my clients to love interior design as much as I do, if only for a short while. So, while February is all about love and black history, I know that I love interior design and the business of interior design because I spend all I have in me and around me to make this business I own, the best business on the block. And by the block, I mean the world.

What do you spend the most time on? What do you love the most outside of your faith and your family? Who are you wanting to be when everything on earth is said and done? I challenge you to not only surround yourself with people and things you love but to pursue what you love. If you only have minutes a day, that’s enough until it isn’t anymore. Do what you love and love life all the more! Best of luck!


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